Update Payment Method

1. Apple In App Purchase

2. Google In App Purchase

1. Apple In App Purchase
  1. When the user will open the settings app, Click the payment & shipping option.

  2. User can add any payment method of his choice.

    Note:- Any Purchase in app Store is now done through Apple funds. In Which you can add money by UPI or Net Banking. Credit card/ Debit cards are now available in Limited Country/ Regions

  3. If Regions Allow Credit/ Debit

    Select Credit/Debit Card And Fill Required Card Detail and valid Billing Address to Authenticate Payment Method

    If Region Not Allow You to Add Card You can Add UPI ID Or set Net Banking Details To Add the Funds In Apple Id

    Note: - In Second Methods User has to maintain the Required Amount in Apple Fund so Auto Renewable Plan Will Renew Automatically Else Subscription will be Cancelled or expires.

    User Will Get reminder To Update Balance in Apple Fund When Low Balance

2. Google In App Purchase
  1. Click Payments & notification

  2. Click Subscriptions

  3. Click on active subscription

  4. Click update alongside Primary payment method

  5. Select new payment method

  6. You’re good to go